e-Recruitment (Portal)

Spot, measure and encourage employee engagement and include it into your hiring process

A full-cycle, end-to-end recruiting solution that integrates with self-service interface and e-recruitment to give managers, recruiters, and candidates the ability to track every phase of finding, recruiting, hiring, and tracking new employees.

  • Hire more efficiently: Manage job vacancies, search for candidates, manage the interview process, and extend recruiting functionality to managers.
  • Hire more safely: Leverage third-party integration for pre-screening and background checks.
  • Hire more effectively: Continuously improve recruiting strategies by measuring the performance and tenure of hired candidates, leveraging results to modify assessments or the hiring process for specific job categories.
  • Manage and share your candidate base: Simplify the candidate process by using a resume extraction utility to pre-populate profiles. You can also maintain profiles, search for and refer jobs to colleagues, and use automated matching functionality to identify “best fit” candidates for a given job or project.
  • Extend your talent pool: Candidates can maintain profiles, search for jobs, refer jobs to colleagues, follow the recruitment process, and more.

Grounded in fundamental principles of selection science and industrial psychology, SmartHCM pre-employment assessments help you measure critical aspects of an applicant’s individual characteristics that influence whether the person is likely to succeed or fail in a particular job. In essence, they are designed to predict an employee’s future job performance.

SmartHCM e-Recuitment Solution ensures that you are always online, always ready to hire, and always searching for people who have the talent, skills and attributes that you are looking for.

SmartHCM e-Recuitment Solution allows you to upload vacancies to your corporate website and careers page. e-Recruitment Portal to allow applicants to apply for vacancies which have been opened in your organization.

Solution allow recruiters to develop sophisticated talent strategies to reach and secure the very best candidates before your competitor.

An online presence is essential for all organisations looking to recruit staff. Not only will it enhance your image with candidates as an employer of choice, but SmartHCM e-Recuitment solution also provides candidates with a simple method to search your vacancies, apply online across the globe and receive updates on their progression through the recruitment process, underlining your organisation’s professionalism.

Recruiters improve the quality of candidates passing through to interview, assessments and hire via SmartHCM e-Recruitment solution through the use of a number of integrated tools including automated pre-screens, realistic job preview questionnaires, work-skill tests, application form scoring and integrated psychometric testing. After adopting SmartHCM solution, customers have reported an increase in candidate quality at interview by as much 60%.

SmartHCM user-centred design ensures the wider business participates in essential recruitment activities. With interfaces specifically tailored to roles (line managers, recruiters, administrators etc.) users are only presented with the essential information relevant to their position.

By mapping the e-Recruitment system to your brand, processes and recruitment templates, SmartHCM solution ensures consistency of image and practice across your organisation, demonstrating an attention to detail that marks you out as an employer of choice.