Payroll Attendance

Tracking and managing time and attendance of people at work is a tedious task, especially when it's a manual system. With SmartHCM Attendance Management, you get real time information by integrating people and processes through technology.
SmartHCM Attendance Management enables error free tracking of employees' time at work. It collates information from various sources like attendance machines, payroll rules, leave records, holiday calendars, shift rosters and many others to provide you an integrated view of employee attendance. Since it is a completely web based solution, it connects all stake holders with no effort and keeps everyone in the loop.

SmartHCM also supports you to Adjust the amount of Backdated Attendance. You may pay or deduct the amount of previous month attendance through current Payroll month after run Payroll Process of existing Payroll month.

Eliminate manual preparation of time sheets and time cards.
Reduce payments for unapproved or fraudulent overtime.
Robust and flexible to integrate seamlessly into most environments.
Support complex time management and tracking requirements.
Overtime, late arrivals & early departure reports.
Shift scheduling & rule based penalties.
Team shift wise roasters and team shift transfers.
Integration with all types of attendance machine.
Enable accurate reporting and reduce payroll inflation.