SmartHCM participated in 39th GITEX Technology Week 2019

SmartHCM participated in 39th GITEX Technology Week heppening at Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai.

Managed by PSEB, P@SHA and Eventage the special Pakistan Povalian was desined to facilitate the Pakistani IT companies showcasing their product and services to world by participating in 39th GITEX Technology Week. 

“Our mission is to reach out every single organization on our lovely planet and help them to add more value to their organization by increasing the effectiveness of workforce, by driving higher organizational productivity and by leveraging the strategic investments in Human Capital Management” said Salman Ahemd Abbasi, Chief Marketing Officer of SmartHCM while talking to different media channels.

SmartHCM aims to expend worldwide through its partner network. “We are seeking for the companies, who are already playing their role in IT/ HR consultancy, to bring them in our circle. This will help both organizations to grow faster and help their customer in better way.” said Dr. Ameer Abbasi, CEO of SmartHCM

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